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16 11, 2022

Eco-friendly thermoplastic products


During more than 50 years of business, Borsa Industrie Plastiche had customers requirements close to its heart, but always in full compliance with the environment that is able to control and constantly improve, with an ethically careful and observing organization. The management, with its closer collaborators and partners, has invested over the years, and by

Eco-friendly thermoplastic products2022-10-18T14:21:51+02:00
19 07, 2022

The importance of the maintenance in hydraulic works


During the initial design of any kind of hydraulic works and of its application, it is basic to consider all the elements to control the work in the next years too. Initially and, unfortunately, sometimes still nowadays, it is common to think that the work don't need any kind of control when it is finished

The importance of the maintenance in hydraulic works2022-06-22T10:53:18+02:00
26 01, 2022

BORSALEAF: 360° synthetic membranes, Made in Italy


Our commitment knows no limits! Borsa Industrie Plastiche s.r.l. offers different types of high quality membranes in order to assure a performing waterproofing system. The quality of our products, right from the beginning, has been the distinguishing feature of the dna of a family company. Borsa Industrie Plastiche s.r.l. followed, within itself, a Quality and

BORSALEAF: 360° synthetic membranes, Made in Italy2021-12-21T17:00:10+02:00
1 12, 2021



BORSALEAF-BORSACOVER synthetic membranes are characterized by high flexibility, allowing the skilled technician a huge range of welding procedures. The welding method must be connected with the local weather conditions. It is always necessary to carry out welding test for the adjustment of the temperature and the speed, in order to define the perfect parameters of

BORSALEAF-BORSACOVER: welding methods2021-12-19T15:39:12+02:00
28 06, 2021

BORSALEAF: high-performance membranes for tunnels


From several geological studies, you can deduce that the construction of tunnels and galleries is the most complex field of the civil engineering. Exactly for this reason, during the planning, it is necessary to take into account many natural and technical-construction factors, such as: the type of the terrain; the dimension of the tunnel/gallery; mechanical

BORSALEAF: high-performance membranes for tunnels2021-12-19T15:39:12+02:00
5 05, 2021

Expanded table protector


In the past, the only solution proposed by the market to protect a table top or surfaces in general was the classic foam table protector in white colour. A certainly practical solution but limited from an aesthetic point of view due to its neutral appearance. An alternative and more suitable solution to decorate and protect

Expanded table protector2021-12-19T15:39:12+02:00
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