From several geological studies, you can deduce that the construction of tunnels and galleries is the most complex field of the civil engineering.

Exactly for this reason, during the planning, it is necessary to take into account many natural and technical-construction factors, such as:

  • the type of the terrain;
  • the dimension of the tunnel/gallery;
  • mechanical stresses;
  • the type of service that the gallery will provide (railway, road one, etc.);
  • the presence/pressure of the water: damp and aquifers can negatively influence both during the construction of the tunnel both during the work, producing great problem in the future;
  • necessary elements for the waterproofing system, such as the most important layer, i.e. BORSALEAF membrane;
  • precautionary actions for a safe and long-lasting work.



Many times, the resistance of the waterproofing system is understimated with consequent obstacles during the realization of the work.

According to the type of work, Borsa Industrie Plastiche s.r.l. is able to give the most suitable membrane with high physical-mechanical preformance, such as the excellent flexibility.

Among the most required products from the domestic and international market, we offer:

  • BORSALEAF T, matte geomembrane – 1,5/2,0 mm;
  • BORSALEAF WP SL, signal layer geomembrane – 1,5/2,0 mm;
  • BORSALEAF TT, translucent geomembrane, for an excellent check of the welding – 1,5/2,0 mm.

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In the next article, we are going to analyse in greater detail the laying of BORSALEAF membrane and its importance for the civil engineering.