During more than 50 years of business, Borsa Industrie Plastiche had customers requirements close to its heart, but always in full compliance with the environment that is able to control and constantly improve, with an ethically careful and observing organization.

The management, with its closer collaborators and partners, has invested over the years, and by now strengthened, in several planned controls and checks, in order to give more safety both to its own workers and to its own customers.

As is well known, PVC is a polymer created in the 19th century and it joined our homes, in various form, at the beginning of the 20th century. Due to its versatility, it is used in lots of applications. It has completely transformed our daily life and it is present in most of the objects that surround us. It is impossible to do without it, due to its characteristics of hygiene, lightness, practicality…and above all of recyclability.

As all “plastic” products, PVC has always been an important resource of our planet; as in all things, it is up to common sense and the intelligence of the human being to produce it, to use it and to dispose of it properly.

Being part of the European Community, Borsa Industrie Plastiche respects, for all its products, the REACH Regulation that establishes the procedures for the collection and the evaluation of information about substances properties and the dangers deriving from them.

Always more frequently we talk about ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY to produce goods and services, protecting our planet. On this idea, Borsa Industrie Plastiche works always and constantly hard to recycle continuously production wastes in both sectors (construction and home sectors), making all the management linear and eco-friendly.

Contrary to developing countries, Borsa Industrie Plastiche, as European producer, has the duty to respect very strict regulations concerning atmosphere emission and wastes disposal. Perseverance, ethical and financial commitment made even more GREEN its own production chain over the past few years.