Organization certified with quality management system UNI EN ISO 9001:2015

We produce synthetic membranes for

All the products are in compliance with EU regulation No. 305/2011 and they are CE marked

Specialized in the production of synthetic waterproofing membranes with significant experience and importance in the national and international market

Roofing: BORSACOVER and BORSALEAF membranes

We offer products for the waterproofing of flat and pitched roofs, for both new and refurbishment buildings. We use high quality raw materials and, depending on the applications, it is interposed a polyester or a fiberglass mesh.

Tunnel & Underground works: BORSALEAF membranes

Our membranes are formulated with high quality raw materials and they are designed to technically respond to the market specifications, even the most restrictive ones. We have different types of geomembrane depending on the customer’s demand, always placing quality and excellent weldability at the first place.

Hydraulic works: BORSALEAF and BORSACOVER membranes

BORSALEAF and BORSACOVER membranes are suitable for the waterproofing of hydraulic works. We employ high quality raw materials, thus providing excellent technical standard and durability of the water storages. The choice of the waterproofing membrane will depend on the final use and on the subsoil conditions.

Insulation for plumbing: BORSALEAF membranes

Our membranes are suitable for floor drains, showers, balconies, floorings and buildings. Our BORSALEAF membranes are characterized by their simplicity and speed of laying. They are available in the following sizes:

  • thickness: 0,85 and 1 mm
  • width 120/140/160/180/205 cm
Insulation: BORSACOVER KR membrane

BORSACOVER KR membrane is used in several applications, such as veranda awning, gazebo, camping windows and market stalls, assuring a constant temperature in addition to an effective barrier against bad weather.
It is available in the following sizes:

  •  thickness: 0,30/0,40/0,50 mm
  •  width 205 cm

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