BORSALEAF-BORSACOVER synthetic membranes are characterized by high flexibility, allowing the skilled technician a huge range of welding procedures.

The welding method must be connected with the local weather conditions. It is always necessary to carry out welding test for the adjustment of the temperature and the speed, in order to define the perfect parameters of membranes welding.


The main welding methods are as follows:

hand welding, that is normally used to weld fittings or details.




The 3 main phases for an optimal weildng are as follows:

automatic welding, that is generally used for works of big dimensions longitudinally and transversally. This kind of tools allows a quick and simple welding of the membranes, optimising lenght of time of installation thanks to hot-air systems that allow to work in adverse conditions too.

According to BORSALEAF-BORSACOVER synthetic membrane to weld and its thickness, you have to use the most suitable welding machine.

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