A ballasted roofing is characterized by the synthetic membrane covered by a ballast, in order to contain the action of the wind and to protect the structure from the UV rays.
Ballast with gravel perfectly suits all types of non-practicable roofing, which however might have to be checked for routine maintenance; it is advisable to realize walkway paving slabs on support pads where inspections are more frequent.
If the roofing must be walkway for pedestrians or vehicles, it is necessary to use all other types of flooring, such as paving slabs on support pads, tiles and cement screed.



1 – Protection, ballast or gravimetric load (gravel, floating floor, tile floors or similar, paving in self-locking pavers)


2 – Protection layer
3Waterproofing membrane: usually for the loose laid ballasted system a PVC-P membrane reinforced with glass fibre mesh called BORSACOVER AV UV (thickness greater than or equal to 1,5 mm) is used

4 – Separation layer (where necessary)
5 – Thermal insulation
6 – Vapour control layer
7 – Compensation layers (separation or protection)
8 – Structure (metal deck structure, concrete, wooden structure)

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