Many times the building maintenance is seen as an almost useless additional cost, without thinking that with a good maintenance you will gain some advantages in the future.
The roofing is the most important part of the system, because it has to be considered as the “rind” of a citrus fruit…the more it is looked after, the more it lasts.
With UNI 11540 standard “Guidelines for the drafting and right implementation of the maintenance program of continuous roofing made with flexible sheets for waterproofing” the importance of the roofing maintenance is confirmed.
For the production of BORSACOVER-BORSALEAF synthetic membranes, high quality raw materials are used and, according to the applications, in the reinforced membranes, a polyester or glass fibre mesh is inserted.

For a suitable maintenance plan, it is necessary to take into consideration the following points:

  1. user’s manual
  2. maintenance manual;
  3. maintenance program: for a correct management of the roofing, it is essential to establish the time needed for the inspections.

The waterproofing of a roofing with BORSACOVER-BORSALEAF synthetic membranes requires qualified people and for a good installation, suitable equipment and accessories must be used. Only the authorized personnel can access the roofing in order to make the maintenance. In case of exposed roofing, it is essential to take some precautions with a preferential access, in order to not damage the membrane.

Any technological plants and/or machines must not be installed in contact with the membrane, but they must be placed on structures of right surface, calculating the load distribution. In case the technological plants and/or machines accidentally release any polluting or aggressive substances, it is necessary to contact immediately the specialized company for the removal and the cleaning of the membrane with compatible products.
Due to the weather changes of our planet, the experts established that the events, which were once declared “exceptional”, since several years, happen often again, almost every season, endangering the waterproofing of the roofing that are not appropriately protected.

Some natural phenomena can damage the system, such as for example:

  • Hail: according to the size and the speed of the hail, the impact with the membrane could be violent and it could cause some irreparable damages too. The best solution is to protect the waterproofing system, covering it with movable or fixed structures. If this is not possible, it is necessary to use BORSACOVER-BORSALEAF membranes of appropriate thickness (minimum 1,8 mm).
  • Wind: the project engineer, with the specialized installation company, has the responsibility to evaluate the area where the waterproofing will be done, choosing the most suitable product and thickness of BORSACOVER-BORSALEAF membrane (minimum 1,5 mm). In addition, they must consider all the system, in order to not cause irreversible damages too to the roofing over time.
  • Snow: on the roofing, the snow must be removed with instruments that must not damage the membrane. In case of accidental cracking, contact the specialized installation company, which will carry out the necessary repair operations with suitable products.
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