In these last years, we needed to make good use of any space, giving priority to set-requirements and maybe even more, giving importance to the mental and physical wellness, due to our stressful living.
The green roof system dates back to 590 b.C.; it is a revival of an ancient tradition that, in the last decade, has been studied in architecture, producing the most different fantasies of high design.
It is a system not in direct contact with the structure; therefore, it provides for an excellent energy efficiency, in addition to the high decorative/set-supply.
After several researches, we can tell that the green roof has many advantages, both at the environmental, functional, leisure and aesthetic level, such as:
• increase of the thermal insulation during the winter and cooling during the summer;
• considerable reduction of the noise pollution, thanks to the quality and the quantity of the vegetation that produces a natural barrier against the noises, especially in the town centers;
• remarkable mental, physical and spiritual wellness. For this reason, renowned architects have extended their projects also into constructions such as schools, hospitals, elderly centers and hotels, assuring a breath of oxygen and cleaner air;
• high energy-saving (25-30%), because the green roof is an excellent insulation for all spaces below it.
The green roof is composed of the following several layers:

  1. vegetation: it must be chosen by experts studying carefully the weather characteristics of the area, the exposure of the wind and of the UV rays;
  2. the most suitable culture substrate mix for the realization of the desired green roof;
  3. water retention layer, to assure the growth of the plants, also in case of high temperatures and drought.
  4. drainage and irrigation layer, to safeguard all the system;
  5. protection layer;
  6. BORSACOVER AV UV AB waterproofing membrane: it is a membrane of thickness > 1,5 mm, reinforced with a glass fibre mesh. Its characteristic is the antibacterial additive treatment, in order to give more security against the unintentional attack of moulds and bacteria;
  7. separation layer;
  8. thermal insulation;
  9. vapour control layer;
  10. protection or compensation layer of the structure by a geotextile;
  11. concrete structure.

In the next article, we are going to talk about the type of vegetation suitable for the realization of your dream green roof…